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‘Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind’ 

Zen Proverb

A warm welcome
from Anna … 

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Welcome to ZEN MEN LIFE & HAPPINESS COACHING and  HOLISTIC STRESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY – a small, boutique and culturally sensitive practice, exclusively designed for and dedicated to the needs of the busy and stressed modern man. 

This peaceful, calm and tranquil oasis is the perfect antidote to the hectic, complex and unpredictable 24/7 world in which we live.

This is your very own private, discreet space in which to retreat, rest, relax and most importantly calm your stressed and busy mind in order to plan and/or re-strategise for the new daily challenges and battles ahead.  

Do you seek a happier, more fulfilling and less stressful life ? A healthier work-life balance ? A more positive and focused mindset ? If so, then let me help you by gently guiding your troubled soul towards a better, brighter future. 

ZEN MEN COACHING & CONSULTANCY is a unique ‘where East meets West’ concept inspired by my 25 years of professional and private involvement with Japan. It beautifully and very effectively combines the crème de la crème of modern Western science – Positive Psychology (the science of happiness, wellbeing and optimal human flourishing) with the ancient teachings and wisdom of Zen Mindfulness and other Eastern practices. 

Here at ZEN MEN, it is my mission to encourage the 21st century man, regardless of age or background, to leave behind the outdated and damaging social stigma that ‘big boys don’t cry, share emotions and are made of steel’, and to embrace the opportunity to have a friendly, trusted personal coach at their disposal – when and as needed. It’s just like having a personal trainer at the gym. Personal training for the mind, in fact! 

By sharing your problems, ideas, hopes, dreams, successes and disappointments with an impartial, qualified coach in a warm, non-judgemental and non-confrontational environment, you will make a smart, responsible and mature move towards a better, brighter and more positive and successful future – one that will benefit not only yourself but those closest to you as well. 

Become a true ZEN MAN – mentally and emotionally strong, calm, collected, assured, in control of your life and focused on mastering your mind for life. Follow in the footsteps of great leaders, captains of industry, athletes and other successful professionals who over the centuries understood the power of the mind.

So please don’t suffer in silence anymore and don’t let pride, honour or a misguided sense of masculinity stand in the way of living the life you always dreamed about. Make contacting me your first step to achieving major and lasting improvements in your professional and personal life. 




Your Personal Life and Happiness Coach

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