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‘One kind word can warm three winter months’ 

Japanese Proverb

"Excellent, wise, first class counsel. Fantastic lady, fantastic sessions. 
Thank you Anna.You are the best!"

Mr. M. – Lawyer – London, UK

"Swiss efficiency, British manners, oriental mystery... She knows men, she understands men and once you work with Anna, your life will never be the same again."

Mr. W. – Banker – Zurich, Switzerland

"If every man had a co-pilot like Anna in his life-he could move mountains."

Mr. L. – Scientist – Geneva, Switzerland

"Anna’s coaching sessions are like Champagne to the soul – refined, gentle and joyful. Pure perfection from start to finish! Highly recommended, especially for busy fathers with rebellious teens at home."

Mr.P. – Entrepreneur , London , UK / Dubai, UAE

"Midlife crisis? What midlife crisis? Wow, after just a few brilliant sessions with Anna I already feel, look and even act like a brand new man! Thank you so very much for all you have done for me Anna. You are not only an amazing and superbly skilled coach, but also a great lifestyle makeover magician. It was such a pleasure to work with you and I will definitely be back soon for part two of my epic post-divorce transformation. With much gratitude."

 Mr. C. – Business Owner – London, UK/New York, USA

"Anna - words cannot describe how much I appreciate your incredible support and guidance during my very stressful first year at uni. You are the queen of kindness and I’m so happy to have you as my coach. I’m back on track now and so is my start - up project. Thank you very much for everything and for helping me get this far."

Mr. T. – University Student, Oxford, UK

"Amazing Anna.When we’re down and feeling blue, the only person we call is you! God put an angel here on earth, who gave us so much more than all we're worth.We love you and God bless your beautiful heart, because in the darkness you’re the light. Thank you for being incredible and much respect for all you do for us homeless guys."

Johnny and friends – London, UK

"Another completely remarkable session Anna, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me with a complex relationship issue. All is well now and my girlfriend and I are back together and very happy indeed."

Mr. H. – Marketing Executive – Manchester, UK

"Dear Anna-san. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your help, patience and wonderful kindness. You have brought me back to life and I don't know what would have happened to me if we didn't meet. Only you know the true spirit of the Samurai and I thank you for helping me to become the victorious warrior again. Money and success comes and goes, but finding you was priceless. Forever grateful."

Mr. I. – CEO – Tokyo, Japan

"Female magic at it's best! I don't do business in Europe without Anna-san."

Mr. H. – Business Owner – Kyoto, Japan

"Anna-san is a truly wonderful and inspirational Sensei with a charming personality and so much warm and positive energy. My team and I feel very honoured, privileged and thankful for her invaluable help and advice with creating a unique and highly successful stress management and wellness programme for our company."

 Mr. M. – CEO – London, UK/Tokyo, Japan 

"We engaged Anna during the pandemic lockdown period of 2021 to act as our in-house Life, Happiness & Wellness Coach to assist us with stress management and well-being needs, as well as other projects. She contributed to our blog, developed a luxury cruising and coaching scheme for our international client base and helped us reorganise some of our services. She also helped us to develop new business for the restart period to follow. Anna is a consummate professional and a great motivator and researcher. She is very friendly, helpful, intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful and well organised, and likes to see results. I would highly recommend Anna to any organisation seeking to improve the mental well-being of its staff."

Mr. G. – Business Owner – London,UK.

"Happiness is-listening to Anna's angelic voice and knowing that everything will be ok. Thank you for your exceptional care, loyalty and dedication. Going through rehab was the most difficult time of my life and I couldn't have done it without your help and support."

Mr. V. – Musician – Berlin, Germany

"After my wife passed away,I was left with two small children and a super demanding and stressful job in the city. Anna moved in with us for two months and she brought so much love ,stability and harmony into our lives again. The children adore her and I managed to avoid a nervous breakdown. Hiring Anna to help us through this traumatic time has truly saved my family. Anna still works for us during the school holidays and we can't imagine not having her in our lives."

The B. family – Banker –Paris/Monaco

"Anna, you are a true and rare gem in today's world and I can't thank you enough for such interesting and helpful sessions. If a man of my age (76 years young) can still make positive changes in his life ,so can everybody else. I'm so happy that I met a lovely lady now and we would be delighted if you could come to our engagement party."

Mr. W. – Retired Doctor –St.Julian's, Malta

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