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Privacy Policy

  1. Zen Men Coaching, Consultancy & Club maintains a strict privacy and security policy at all times.

  2. I am committed to protecting your personal data and therefore, I will never share your personal details with any third party-unless I am required to do so by law.

  3. You will not receive any marketing communication from me or any third party, such as - newsletters, special offers or promotions etc.

  4. I collect/keep the following personal identity data from you in order to acknowledge/respond to your enquiry, book/confirm/cancel/re-schedule an appointment, process your payment and offer you the best service before, during and after the session:

    • your title, first name and your surname

    • your date of birth/age

    • your mobile phone number and/or landline number

    • your email address

    • your place/country of residence and/or work address

    • billing and payment information

  5. All coaching notes made during and after each session by me are made by hand and are stored in a secure, locked filing cabinet and will not be electronically transferred. Your may request a personal copy of the notes for either yourself or to share them with your doctor/therapist at any time. In such case, I will require your written consent to do so.

  6. Internet communication can never be guaranteed to be secure, timely and error free and therefore,  I do not accept any liability for any errors, omissions, bugs or viruses. I do not guarantee that the website will be 100% secure and free from bugs & viruses.

  7. Any unauthorised use of the website is prohibited. The content and images/logos contained within the website may not be reproduced/duplicated/transmitted without direct written permission from Anna M. Iwata.

By booking a session with me, you confirm that you have read and understood the privacy policy as displayed on this website.

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